offered 139% -600% returns in 24-72 hours , now the website is down

New Investment opportunity offered 139% -600% returns in 24-72 hours
While Russian websites offer a small amount of money for clicking ads or watching videos, there are some doublers and other programs which offer very high returns
They may be investing their money in crypto mining and other online businesses
AI Startup was a new HYIP which is advertised extensively on Russian websites
The minimum investment was 100 rubles for Payeer payment and there are a large number of other payment options also available like
Tether TRC 20
The yield offered for the investment varies depending on the amount invested
The lowest investment which was accepted was 100 Rubles and they will credit approximately 0.26 rubles to the account every 8 minutes or the investor will be paid 139% of the investment within 72 hours
As the investment increases the interest rate also increases significantly and for an investment of 35000 roubles, 600% interest is promised that it will get credited within 24 hours.
Withdrawal to the Payeer or other account is also automatic
This is a good way for those who work with Russian websites to maximize their income which they make, since there is no formal method for withdrawing the money to indian/asian bank account.
At present the website is under review, and a small amount of 10 roubles will be withdrawn to test the system
A large number of programs which pay in Russian roubles and to Payeer account without any investment are listed at Free earning
Most of the russian websites have an english translation option
Kindly note that investing in HYIP is risky, so investors should read the terms and conditions carefully and only invest what they can afford to lose
Internet users who cannot or do not wish to invest their money in the HYP can also make some money from the HYIP for investing
– Through the referral program
– bonuses offered for promoting on Youtube, twitter, facebook, instagram
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