not allowing some investors to withdraw

While a large number of HYIP are advertised online, investors should be aware that at least some of the websites are not allowing some investors to withdraw their money. In some cases, they are asking the investor to purchase additional cash energy, while in other cases, like the balance for withdraw remains fixed at $0.45 , when the withdrawal limit is $0.5, though the main balance keeps increasing
The investor who is cheated is complaining and the cheating of has also adversely affected the prospects of other similar HYIP websites, the real domain investor will not consider investing in other HYIP websites when she has a little money.
It appears that government agencies asked masterinvest not to pay the investor, who are invests money in domains, though the indian government falsely claims that its call girl, housewife and other fraud employees like panaji goan bhandari CALL girl sunaina chodan, who do not pay money for domains, own the domains in a massive FINANCIAL, ONLINE FRAUD masterminded by the extremely SHAMELESS GREEDY FRAUD indian tech and internet companies