TRX mining site claims that investor will get 4 times their investment in 4 months.

Internet users who can only invest a small amount of crypto may use the Tron Mining Site TRXltd.
Members can register with their Faucetpay email id and get a free bonus.
The Tron mined can also be withdrawn immediately to the Faucetpay address
Investors can use their Faucetpay funds for mining Tron, the initial investment required is low at 3 TRX only.
The mining income will vary depending on the amount invested and a calculator is provided on the website.
Typically investor who invests 3 TRX will make 0.1 TRX daily to recover his investment in one month. He will continue to be make 0.1 TRX daily for a period of 4 months, to get 12 TRX

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